Nutritional Score

Categorizing USDA Food Data and Providing NutriScore

What is NutriScore?

NutriScore is a standardized nutritional labeling system that provides an easy-to-understand assessment of the overall nutritional quality of a food product. It was developed to help consumers make informed decisions about their food choices and promote healthier eating habits.

How does NutriScore work?

NutriScore takes into account various nutritional components of a food product, such as energy value, saturated fats, sugars, sodium, fiber, protein, and the presence of fruits, vegetables, and nuts. Each component is assigned a score, and the overall score determines the NutriScore grade.

Healthy components decrease the NutriScore of a food item and unhealthy components increase the NutriScore. Scores range from -15 to 40 with the most healthy foods being the lowest.

The grading scale ranges from A to E, with A being the healthiest choice and E being the least healthy. The color-coded scale makes it easy to identify the nutritional quality of a product at a glance.

How can NutriScore be used?

NutriScore can be used by individuals, families, and health-conscious consumers to make informed decisions while grocery shopping or planning meals. By comparing the NutriScores of different products, you can identify healthier options and choose foods that contribute to a balanced diet.

The website utilizes the USDA food data to provide a searchable and understandable NutriScore for each item. This makes it convenient to access the nutritional information of various food products and helps you make healthier choices easily.

How can NutriScore improve one's health and nutrition?

By using NutriScore, you can make more informed choices about the foods you consume. It enables you to compare the nutritional quality of different products and select those that align with your health and nutrition goals.

Through NutriScore, you can easily identify products that are high in nutrients, low in unhealthy components, and overall healthier options. This can assist in maintaining a balanced diet, reducing the consumption of foods that may be detrimental to your health, and promoting a healthier lifestyle overall.

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